Tips and advice

Articles which will help you when thinking of commissioning a website, to make the process easier and get your website working for you.

If you are considering a website...

  • Firstly, have a look at what a website can do for you. Have a think about how you will use it - who will be reading? What will they be expecting to see? This should give you some ideas to start the process.

  • Next, speak to us and let us know your requirements. If you have any idea of timescale, that's useful (but not essential). Whatever you do, don't do it yourself! Much of our business is remedial work to fix up websites made by people who were well intentioned but inexperienced. Click on the link for compelling reasons to bring in professionals from the start - and if you're interested in learning how to do it yourself, why not try our training courses?

  • You will need to prepare the content as far as possible. (If this is difficult, don't worry, we offer proofreading and copy writing services.) In addition, you can find out what's needed from you - click on the link to find out the sort of questions that we will ask you along the way.

  • You may also want to learn about copyright on the Internet.

While things are in progress...

  • We will ask you to look at the template regularly, to review development and so we can hone it to your liking. So if you are going away, please let us know so we can synchronise work with your availability.

  • If things stall at your end - for example, you aren't sure what to write for your content, or you have to delay the project temporarily - please let us know. If you are stuck on something, don't be afraid to ask for advice. You may also find our guide to being stuck on your website helpful.

Once you've got a website...

  • Make it work for you. This is going to involve some activity on your part, so check out our marketing advice. You'd be amazed at how many people commission a website, and don't realise they should tell people about it!

  • Keep it updated. Not only will this bring customers back to your site on a regular basis, but it will also let search engines know that your site is still current. Here's our section on different ways and reasons to update your website.

Finally, if you are new to websites or to the internet, you may find our glossary useful.

"We are really delighted with our new website. Flash was extremely fast, friendly and helpful all the way through the process and went to great lengths to get the website just as we wanted. As complete novices to the world of website design, we were grateful to have a person who made the task run so smoothly. Thank you very much!"
[Hackney Family Backup]

"Thank you so much for all your hard work on my behalf; you very quickly grasped the image I wanted to portray. I am really pleased with the website that was delivered earlier than I expected and on budget. Your extensive knowledge of websites and the legislation that affects them is impressive and led to a level of detail that I was not expecting. I literally could not have done it without you. It has been a real pleasure working with Web Design & Mastery."
[Kate Fishpool Associates]
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