Technical support

We provide all manner of technical support; whether you need help to access email and web from your home, right through to needing someone to keep your servers running while you are on holiday. Here is an overview of the services offered.

Server administration (UNIX)

We offer a Holiday Service for small businesses, in order to monitor your servers (and, if you wish, your email or phonecalls), so you can relax knowing that your services are running while you are away.

You are provided with a website containing a daily log of events, so you can reassure yourself from holiday if necessary, or use it as a catchup when you get home.

For more information, please see the server admin page.


We can provide training in the workplace to help you or your staff gain confidence and I.T. skills, from using the Internet to updating your website.

For more information on workplace training, please see the training page.

Home PC Assistance (Windows)

Microsoft Certified Professional If you have your own computer but are not used to using email or the internet, we can help you set it up and explain how to use it. We will also leave you with a simple crib sheet for reminders and reassurance.

Technical Support and Liaison

We can provide technical support on any issue relating to your website; from dealing with the renewal of domains through to webserver configuration; from explaining technical concepts in plain English through to liaising with your hosting company.

There's no need for you to be a techie too!

However if you wish to arrange things yourself, we offer information and advice on web hosting and domain names.

Support services are provided on a pro rata basis.
To discuss your needs, call now on 07939 579090.

"We are really delighted with our new website. Flash was extremely fast, friendly and helpful all the way through the process and went to great lengths to get the website just as we wanted. As complete novices to the world of website design, we were grateful to have a person who made the task run so smoothly. Thank you very much!"
[Hackney Family Backup]

"Thank you so much for all your hard work on my behalf; you very quickly grasped the image I wanted to portray. I am really pleased with the website that was delivered earlier than I expected and on budget. Your extensive knowledge of websites and the legislation that affects them is impressive and led to a level of detail that I was not expecting. I literally could not have done it without you. It has been a real pleasure working with Web Design & Mastery."
[Kate Fishpool Associates]
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