Website maintenance

Having a website is just the start - keeping it maintained and up to date is crucial.

The most obvious maintenance task is in keeping your content updated and current. You ought to be adding new text on a regular basis, be it newsletters or expert's tips: this will not only expand your website with useful information (leading to better ratings with Google) but will tell your customers that you are still active, and provide them with a reason to come back to your site in future. We provide an innovative "top-up" scheme to make it quick and easy for you to arrange updates; just see the content updates page.

If your site has been up and running for a while, there are many other kinds of maintenance that it might need. Traffic analysis can tell you which areas of your website are most effective, and provide ideas for growth. Search engine optimisation can help you to drive more visitors to your site, by ensuring it's effectively indexed with Google.

We also recommend that your site is regularly checked for outdated content and the quality of the code in which it's written.

If you're unsure, simply ask us for a free quote. This will give you an indication of how well your site has aged, what improvements could be useful, and whether it meets current standards and legislation.

Content checks

A content check would look for outdated copy - for example referring to past dates or events, and highlighting areas which need new content (for example, certain information which is required by law). This is a manual check so that nothing slips through the net such as "this coming June" when it is referring to a June long past! We can simply provide a report of all outdated content, or can update it with your new copy. We also proofread all text, and run automated checks to ensure that all websites linked on your site are still functional.

Code checks

A code check would ensure that the HTML which makes up your wesbite is valid and correct, with the opportunity to enhance accessibility and to improve search engine optimisation. It would also check to see whether the existing code can be refined - for example if your site was designed in Microsoft Frontpage the files are often much larger than they need to be, and we would pare them down. If your site was created before stylesheets were commonly used, we can convert your website to use them. In this way you can be sure your site will load as cleanly and quickly as possible.

Style checks

If your site is looking dated or was designed a few years ago, a style check could provide a cleaner, modern appearance which is compatible with current browsers (for example, you are no longer limited to 800 pixels wide). We would provide you with two or three templates based on your requirements, from which one is selected to go forward and the existing content is arranged into the new style. We can also use this process if your house style or branding has changed, but your website hasn't followed suit. The method followed is similar to that for bespoke websites.

Accessibility audits

If you are uncertain as to whether your site is usable to people with impairments or special needs, particularly if it was created before the implementation of the Disability Discrimination Act, it's time for an accessibility audit! For more information please see the accessibility section.

Search engine rankings

We offer a search engine optimisation service, in which your website's code is tidied up, a Google Sitemap file is added (this helps Google to visit and index your site) and we also provide you with advice on how you can take steps to improve your site content. For more information please see our SEO page.
"We are really delighted with our new website. Flash was extremely fast, friendly and helpful all the way through the process and went to great lengths to get the website just as we wanted. As complete novices to the world of website design, we were grateful to have a person who made the task run so smoothly. Thank you very much!"
[Hackney Family Backup]

"Thank you so much for all your hard work on my behalf; you very quickly grasped the image I wanted to portray. I am really pleased with the website that was delivered earlier than I expected and on budget. Your extensive knowledge of websites and the legislation that affects them is impressive and led to a level of detail that I was not expecting. I literally could not have done it without you. It has been a real pleasure working with Web Design & Mastery."
[Kate Fishpool Associates]
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